May 8th- June 18th 2012

Cooking pot compressed 2 The Cooking Pot Project was an unique initiated by HARDA to help the African Australian women interact and share their experiences with the wider Australian community.The sessions were conducted at the Auburn Community Center every Monday which saw enthusiatic participation by women. The sessions were supervsied by Chef Luigi De Luca who shared and guided the women during the process.

During the period of 6 weeks the women cooked not only traditional African recipies but also learnt to cook Japanese, Mexican, Italian and Egypitian cusines. The women also visited the home of one of the participant were they learnt to cook some Egypitian and Italian food.

The Cooking Pot Project conculded with a lavish spread of food which included traditional African appetizers, maincourse and sweets aliong with other cuisines which was enjoyed by all at the Edmund Rice Center.

Cooking pot compressed 8The project was a successful one with the women having an opportunity to learn something new and make new friends outside their own groups. The Cooking Pot Project was sponsered by Shell Clyde Refinery who supported the initiative.