Great news – Salad’s family are now safe in Kenya.

Salad came to HARDA’s attention through Brother Steve and the House of Welcome. He came to Australia with a Somalian FIFA delegation in 2009, sought and was granted refugee status as he was assessed as being in ‘clear and present danger’ if he returned. The danger was a result of the program that he set up teaching young women to become soccer coaches and referees, a program that incurred the wrath of the rebel militia.  Salad then lodged papers for family reunion – for his wife, four children and four children adopted when their parents were killed by rebel militias. All members of the family were in mortal danger on a daily basis in the Somalian province of Dhorbley and needed safe conduct to Nairobi.

We would like to extend our thanks to David Addington, the Director of the Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary which is sponsored by the Manly Catholic Parish. David arranged an interest free loan within 48 hours, which allowed Salad’s wife and members of the ‘extended family’ to travel to safety in Nairobi within days.  They have now been interviewed at the Australian High Commission and had the necessary health checks and are awaiting the outcome of their application.