Anna Dimo

Anna Dimo was born in Wau, South Sudan in 1964 and graduated as teacher in 1983. Anna married in 1985 and was forced to move to Khartoum because of the war. While in Khartoum, Anna was the Principal of a school for refugees. When the situation became unsafe in Khartoum, Anna escaped to Alexandria, Egypt, where she was a refugee for ten years. In Egypt, Anna volunteered at the Catholic Church as the sacramental coordinator for refugees. After much hardship and suffering, Anna applied to UNHCR for refugee status. In 2000, Anna arrived in Sydney with eight children, five of her own, in the same year she was the leader of the Aweil community for 5 years and leader of the women’s sector for 4 years. 2003 – 2009 saw Anna employed in Catholic schools as a Teacher Aide supporting Sudanese children as they settled into school. Since 2009, Anna has been the Manager of the St. Bakhita Centre.