Overseas Projects

Below is the list of overseas projects.

Maternity Clinic Construction Compeleted

HARDA has recently built a maternity clinic in North Eastern Kenya in partnership with the Waso Resource Development Agency (WARDA). The maternity clinic will enable mothers in the rural villages to have access to a maternity health service and it will also provide primary health care in the isolated regions of ...
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Construction of Maternity Clinic in Kenya

We are pleased to announce that we have recently received funding for the building of a Maternity Clinic in North Eastern Kenya. Construction will soon begin on a 2-room birthing and maternity unit in the isolated Diif Division of Wajir County, Kenya. Once built, the aim is for the maternity ...
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Kenyan Cataract Project 2012

Last year a very successful Eye Clinic project was launched in Habaswein in the northern region of Kenya. This was made possible through HARDA who obtained a generous grant from Muslim Aid Australia and the combined efforts of Dr Mohamud Sheikh, Patron of WARDA (the Waso Resource and Development Agency) a local community ...
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Famine Relief

Help urgently needed Source: This video was compiled by HARDA - our thanks to Islamic Relief for the famine footage The United Nations declared a famine in parts of Somalia. Famine is declared when a number of preconditions are met. These include when hunger rates among children rise above thirty ...
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Kenyan Cataract Project 2011

With portable surgical microscopes and operating for up to thirteen hours a day for over a two day period, ophthalmologists from Doctors for Hope restored the sight of almost 200 men and women, most of whom had been blind for years and who had travelled hundreds of kilometres to attend ...
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