new land new life

Deng Adut SMH new land new life croppedAfter 12 months of planning, research & filming, HARDA released its new documentary titled New Land, New Life. The premiere of this exciting film was launched by THE HON BRENDAN O’CONNOR, Minister for Immigration & Citizenship on Feb 20th. It tells the inspiring stories of 5 refugees from the Horn of Africa, all who have undergone great hardship yet made successful new lives here.

FEW people can say they drank water squeezed from grass in a dead elephant’s stomach to survive. Or wielded an AK-47 before picking up a pen… Deng Thiak Adut can… ‘Survivors grab chance’-SMH News.
(Photo by Sahlan Hayes of Deng Thiak Adut, who is now a lawyer in Australia)

(Funded by DIAC under The Diversity & Social Cohesion Program; Produced by Michael Power, Afterglow Productions)