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The Africa Youth Agency of Australia (AYAA) is a standing committee of HARDA and represents and works with young Africans living in the Sydney basin. AYAA work with youth and young people from African countries to promote and facilitate their full participation in Australian life while retaining their cultural heritage

During 2009 the challenges, problems and opportunities for youth and young people from the Horn of Africa countries were identified as priority issues for HARDA. Accordingly, the Executive Committee resolved to establish a standing committee on youth affair

Purpose of AYAA is envisioned to be:

  • To act as an advisory resource for the Executive Committee of HARDA
  • To input into the strategic direction of HARDA
  • To identify the programs and areas that they believe most beneficial for the African youth in NSW and that will contribute most to furthering HARDAs goals
  • To drive Youth programs for young refugees in Australia & in African countries

AYAA Executive Committee 2017

Murray Jo Kamara – President
Fitsum Mola – Vice President
Abrar Ahmad – Secretary
Declan Molloy- Treasurer

James Karuku – Internationl Projects Officer

AYAA’s core mission is to improve the lives of young Africans in Australia. We run events and coordinate with other community groups . Get involved today!