Source: This video was compiled by HARDA – our thanks to Islamic Relief for the famine footage         More photos 

The people of East Africa are in urgent need of your help. There are 4 Million Children who are still affected by the famine in East Africa. Although there has been recent rainfall and humanitarian assistance, young children are continuing to die from not only starvation, but also outbreaks of measles, cholera and malaria. 

There are nearly one million people living in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethopia. These people are the fortunate few who have survived treacherous walks and have lost numerous family members on the way. The families in refugee camps are unable to go back home since they have lost all their animals and have no means of supporting themselves.

How can you help?

You can organise a fundraising event at your school, university or workplace. Any amount raised can make a difference since a $5 donation can feed a child for a week!

Ideas for fundraising events

  1. Sausage sizzles
  2. Mufti Days
  3. Cake sales or Boot Sales
  4. Fashion Shows
  5. Fast for famine
  6. Think of your own great ideas

Help end hunger – materials to help your school fundraising?

HARDA has created a suite of material to empower you & your fellow students with your fundraising efforts. 

  • Use our flyer to rally support or to get fundraising ideas
  • Get permission from your teacher or school principal to fundraise at your school – our letter may help you with this
  • Show our video to your classmates; better still ask to have it shown at assembly –
  • A presentation may be easier for you to show your school colleagues
  • Choose from the posters attached below to put around your school area – or design your own

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What HARDA is doing?

  • Harda has already sent over $168,000 in famine relief
  • HARDA’s partner organisation has fed 3,029 households, which is comprised of 24,232 people.
  • 100% of all funds received are transmitted directly to African Non Government Organisations.
  • HARDA has also partnered with one of the few aid organisation that are permitted to operate inside Somalia

You can also download and distribute following documents: