Salad Mohammed and the Humanitarian Program

Great news – Salad’s family are now safe in Kenya. Salad came to HARDA’s attention through Brother Steve and the House of Welcome. He came to Australia with a Somalian FIFA delegation in 2009, sought and was granted refugee status as he was assessed as being in ‘clear and present danger’ if he returned. The…

Fund raising

The Bunnings barbecues at Lidcombe and Blacktown have been well supported by members and are proving to be a useful fundraiser. Next date will be known shortly. Many thanks to Bunning for their support.

The HARDA Twic Orphans appeal

Plans are well advanced for an important fund raising event in March, with HARDA acting as the auspicing agency for this event. The first transfer of funds has occurred to pay the school fees for two orphans, Juliet Alek and Makor Mangok.
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