HARDA is a non-government, non-sectarian and not for profit organisation which exists to provide support and assistance to migrants to Australia from the countries of the Horn of Africa (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda) and to provide relief and development opportunities to those residing in those countries. It is run entirely by volunteers.

HARDA’s mission is to unite humanitarian entrants, refugees and migrants from Horn of Africa countries in Australia and to establish a better understanding between these and the people of Australia, introducing them to the social, cultural, economic and political ethos of the country and helping them to integrate with Australian society.


  • HARDA aims to promote and lobby for the needs of Horn of Africa communities with the Australian government and the Australian community in general; it strives to provide peace, social justice, fundamental human rights and honour to those who have suffered injustice, regardless of their age, sex, religion; and works to heal divisions among the Horn of Africa communities.
  • HARDA assists Horn of Africa migrants settling into Australia and aims to help improve the quality of life of its community members by empowerment & support projects in the fields of settlement, health, skill development, education, employment & community capacity building. This includes promoting better understanding of the community’s needs & explaining their specific problems & potential solutions to the Australian community, relevant agencies, departments and community organisations.
  • HARDA helps in raising funds, arranging collaborations and collection of material and other resources, and forms on the ground partnerships, to implement projects in the Horn of Africa countries to help alleviate suffering of the people in that region.

HARDA has been consistent in its efforts to combat racism wherever we have identified it and has formed alliances with other non-government and government agencies to address the issue of domestic violence in Horn of Africa communities.

HARDA is hosted by the Edmund Rice Centre which provides fully serviced office accommodation free of charge at its premises in Homebush West, without which HARDA would struggle to survive & for which we are immensely grateful.

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