The Horn of Africa Relief and Development Agency of Australia (HARDA) in-conjunction with Auburn Sports Club is successfully implemented its 2016 Multicultural NSW Unity Grant African and CALD Youth Mentoring Program in the Western and South-Western Sydney region.

A major barrier for newly arrived refugees, migrant and CALD youth prior to the successful implementation of this project was the lack of access to culturally appropriate mentoring, health and sporting workshops.

HARDA successfully engaged with young African and CALD participants to develop a leadership/mentoring program with the support of the local community elders, youth centres and law enforcement agencies e.g. NSW Police and the AFP.

The successful outcomes of the African and CALD Youth Mentoring Project were:
1. Increased social cohesion and harmony amongst African and CALD young people through our peer to peer mentoring and soccer program
2. Combat racism and build networks and relationships between young people of culturally diverse communities
3. Built intergenerational understanding in culturally diverse communities
We would like to thank Jaya Chivukulu from Multicultural NSW and in particular the Unity Grant funding for their support in this very successful project.